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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Favourite Cafe, Beach Street, Georgetown, Penang

Finally I have some time to blog on the cafe I visited recently. I'm not sure if this cafe famous in the blogosphere world or not but this is the first time I noticed and visited them. This little humble cafe is located at Beach Street and is named Favourite Cafe. I guess it's everyone favourite cafe. :)

Well, I would say that their menu is simple and not extensive. Actually their menu is just plainly written on a simple small notebook without any illustration on their dishes. 


If you like and appreciate antiques and vintage feel, this cafe would be perfect for you as there are many antiques displaying around nearly every corner of the cafe.

Ladies, talking about vintage, I would like to take this opportunity to share a few favourite vintage clothings from Myss Closet. Perfect outfits to vintage cafe. 

Nice and quality Vintage clothings from Myss Closet

Photo taken from inside of the cafe

Nice quote. Life is a journey (not a destination)

Simply can't resist the temptation to take picture with this simple yet interesting coffee/latte art. 

Honest comment. Aglio Olio and BBQ chicken was just okay. Nothing spectacular.

This Mushroom Chicken was also so-so. 

Before I forget, let me mention this, this place is not air conditioned so it's better to visit at night. Nonetheless, if you just just want to chill, relax and sipping some nice coffee, this should be a suitable place.

Till then...